Mila Chia Seeds Update

Hi, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m actually in the process of moving right now and I’ve been slacking on keeping up the website. I’ll be sure to add more recipes within the coming week.

In the meanwhile, I have been adding the Mila chia seeds into just about everything:

– mixing them into my sun-dried tomato creamcheese to put on a bagel
– adding it to salad dressing before topping a salad
– putting it into starbucks parfaits
– adding it into iced chai lattes
– putting it into cream of wheat and oatmeal
– mixing it with cilantro chutney to put on samosas (seriously…it goes well in EVERYTHING).

I took a few days off when I was on vacation (forgot to bring it with me, woops!) and again during my big office move (I’m moving, my office just moved, I’m telling you it’s been busy!), but I’m back on track now and can say that I’ve definitely been sleeping sounder these days. Additionally, it looks like some of the stiffness I felt in my back is finally gone. I can’t say for sure that this was the Mila chia seeds’ doing, but considering I’ve also been skipping out on swimming lately, it must have had a hand in this.

Either way, I’ll keep you posted and add more recipes soon!



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