Are Chia Seeds a Scam or a Miracle Seed?

I feel like everywhere I turn I hear someone else talking about Chia seeds. My friend Nate bought a bag from Whole Foods for his girlfriend last week, then two days later I hear my mom telling me she’s been sleeping through the night because of Chia seeds, then I hear my friend Sean-Michael tell me that he started eating Chia seeds to supplement his vegetarian lifestyle, but noticed that his thinning hair had started to thicken. I’ve been trying to get into some healthy habits myself lately (currently that involves going to Zumba once a week and swimming twice a week), and what better way than with the product that gave me a horrible nickname through my middle school years (“Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! So-So-So-Phia!”)?

I’ve also been trying to stop eating out as much and actually take lunch to work, so hopping on the recipe blog bandwagon, I’ll also be adding a lot of Chia recipes to this site, which you can check out on the Chia Recipes page. And finally, I’ve started to sell the product myself, so you can purchase it at my “Sophia’s Chias” page (but more on that in another entry).

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you’ve heard of any good Chia Recipes or have any other suggestions for me!


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